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Craniosacral Breastfeeding Therapy & Support

by on August 26, 2013

Craniosacral Therapy For Successful Breast-Feeding

 Successful Breast Feeding

Having difficulty feeding your baby can be a heart breaking and frustrating experience. All you want to do is nurture your baby and help them grow strong and healthy, and s/he cannot breast feed. There are many factors involved with breast-feeding, and many can be resolved with therapeutic intervention. Through the combination of craniosacral therapy, parent coaching and motor therapy, Bek Wiltbank, MOT/R will help you will find the cause of the difficulty, and the solution.

Breast-feeding issues often arise as a result of birth trauma or an unusual position in the womb. Any of the following can occur in a newborn, and can cause difficulty with attaining a functional latch.

  • Imbalance in the jaw
  • Misalignment of the neck
  • Overlapping bones in the head
  • Nerve compression
  • Torticollis, tilt of the head
  • Motor incoordination

Call 206-388-3751 to make an appointment with Bek Wiltbank, MOTR/L.

Seattle Location:

4909 25th Avenue N.E.

Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 388-3751


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