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In the News- Teacher Uses Exercise Balls to Control Squirming Students

by on November 5, 2013

More and more classrooms are finding that exercise balls in place of chairs have multiple benefits.

Beyond Basic Play

Using exercise balls is great for balance, core strengthening, learning proprioception, and especially, “getting the wiggles out!”

I know some therapists use swings or running around the clinic to help a kiddo get their wiggles out before they can focus on a therapy session, but here’s another strategy if you don’t have a swing or trampoline or the space to run around if you want to help a kiddo focus more on their next task.

kids on exercise balls

Link to video in the article showing the kids in the classroom.

Highlights from the article:

EUSTIS — When Seminole Springs Elementary teacher Stephanie Burnett told her colleagues she was going to issue bouncy, inflatable stability balls to her wiggly 6- and 7-year-old students instead of desk chairs, the initial reaction was shock.

“When people realized what I intended to do the first thing people said was, ‘I think it’s great, but I think…

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