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Pediatric Physical Therapy: Consistency Is Vital

by on October 25, 2014

Pediatric Physical Therapy Visits: Consistent Attendance is Vital for Progress


At MOSAIC, our physical therapists utilize a therapy model known as “The Weekly or Bimonthly Frequency Mode.” Established by Cincinnati Children’s* hospital, this frequency means that we treat children 1-2 times per week or month on a regular basis for a limited period of time.  This model is based upon knowledge of critical periods of childhood development, professional ethics, and realistic family expectations. This model applies to children who demonstrate the potential for continuous progress toward established goals and consistently attending weekly sessions is an integral part of this model.

Weekly sessions allow a therapist to apply critical clinical reasoning skills towards progressing, adjusting, and setting goals for each child’s plan of care. Inconsistency affects our ability to build upon progress, provide support to families through education and home exercise programs, create routines and build relationships with your children, and may negatively impact length of care. The more consistently you attend therapy, the quicker progress can be seen! Quick progress leads to shorter plans of care!

Thank you for choosing MOSAIC and we cannot wait to help your child reach their full potential!


Lauren Beeker, PT DPT 


Bailes, Amy F. PT, MS, PCS; Reder, Rebecca OTR/L, OTD; Burch, Carol PT, DPT, Med. “Development of Guidelines for Determining Frequency of Therapy Services in a Pediatric Medical Setting” Pediatric Physical Therapy:  Summer 2008 – Volume 20 – Issue 2 – pp 194-198.

  1. My 6 year old sister fractured her ankle about a month ago. She is just about to take off her cast and start going to physical therapy for recovery of her ankle. When I broke my ankle it took be about two months to be able to run and be fully functional again. If she consistently sees the therapist like you suggest, do you think it will take her less time to heal?

  2. While an evaluation is necessary to determine how frequently she will need physical therapy appointments, being consistent with her treatment and activities provided to you by a physical therapist will help her get better faster. A physical therapist can help determine what stretching and strengthening needs to be done in order to get her ankle back to its prior level; being consistent with activities will help the process move more quickly! –Lauren Beeker, PT DPT

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