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iLS Integrated Listening: Top 10 Parent Questions Answered-Reblogging our top post of 2014

by on January 2, 2015

Reblogging our top post from 2014. iLS Integrated Listening: Top 10 Parent Questions Answered.


TOP 10 QUESTIONS PARENTS ASK ABOUT iLs, answered by iLS Company  

1. AUDITORY & TACTILE SENSITIVITY: My son with autism has a severe emotional reaction to loud sounds. Also, he won’t wear headphones. Can iLs help?

One of the most consistent areas of success with iLs programs is reducing a child’s auditory and tactile sensitivity. We typically recommend beginning with the iLs Pillow at home prior to beginning a program involving headphones. De-sensitization is best achieved in an emotionally secure environment, and listening to the Pillow in the security of one’s own home is an effective start to the process. Many children are able to begin using headphones within a week of using the iLs Pillow. Oftentimes, it is advisable to begin with shorter sessions and increase them gradually as the child’s sensitivity decreases. (For more information on the iLs Pillow, see


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