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MOSAIC has partnered with West Coast Behavioral-Blueprints

by on July 16, 2015

MOSAIC is now partnered with Blueprints for all our behavioral, counseling and psychological services. Come check out our new website to read more about our expanded services and the Blueprints team.


Blueprints in-home behavioral services will improve your life. Children, teens, and families learn to manage behavior, communicate effectively, solve problems, and enjoy time spent together. Our approach is targeted, efficient, and results oriented. Our services focus on building adaptive, social, emotional, cognitive, and executive function skills of children, teens and young adults. Our teams of behavior analysts and technicians teach, coach, and model, not in isolation, but in the meaningful context of family life. Our work produces improved behavior, better social interactions and increased family happiness.

Mental Health

Blueprints mental health services focus on teaching clients the methods for analyzing and increasing control over their own behavior. Emphasis is also placed on improving quality of life and pursuing positive goals rather than presenting the client with predominantly symptom reduction techniques. Moreover, our services focus on environmental contingencies that can be made purposefully modified, providing the client a greater potential for change and the practitioner superior recourse for program development and evaluation. As a result of this approach, our clients experience greater retention of treatment results and maintenance of outcomes.

Blueprints provides the following services:


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