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Juvenile Arthritis – How Physical Therapy Can Help

by on July 7, 2016

Therapeutic exercises form the basis of the treatment for children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This program should include all kinds of exercises: aquatic exercises, positioning, passive ROM exercises, and isometric exercises.

Aquatic exercises frequently decrease the pain and prevent muscle spasms. Therefore, swimming and Tai Chi are recommended rather than those sporting activities that include extensive use of the ankles such as basketball, football, and gymnastics. Exercises performed to improve aerobic capacity should be moderate in intensity and should not last more than 30 minutes per day.[6,8]

Bacon et al[20] demonstrated that in children who had exercised in water for 6 weeks, hip rotation angles were significantly improved and other ranges of motion were also enhanced. Klepper[12] studied the outcomes of intensive exercises and showed that an 8-week intensive aerobic exercise program practiced 2 days in the hospital and 1 day at home for 60 minutes per day improved the physical well-being without increasing the activity of disease.

This is another wonderful website for more info:

What is Juvenile Arthritis?

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy offers Aquatic and Land therapy to help children with arthritis.

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