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MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic-Bellevue, WA, expands their Special Needs Preschool

by on September 28, 2016

Our Skill Builder Preschool program has grown from being a support to preschool, to being 4 half days, M-TH 9-noon.

Blueprints Division of MOSAIC runs our Skill Builders Preschool program providing individualized, data-driven instruction aimed at establishing early language, social, cognitive-emotive, and academic skills.

Class size is small and includes children with a variety of strengths, abilities, and needs. The Skill Builders Preschool program is open to all children 3-4 years old, but can particularly benefit children who require special assistance or may have difficulty learning in a larger preschool class. The program utilizes The High Scope® Early Childhood Curriculum, which serves as the foundation for teaching early language, literacy, math skills, as well as enhancing social and emotional development. Additionally, we provide individual behavior, speech and/or occupational therapy for those students who need extra support.

All children will participate in an initial assessment which identifies strengths and areas for growth. This assessment drives the goals identified for the child’s individual learning plan. Progress toward goals is monitored on an ongoing basis and adjustments to the child’s learning plan are made based on data. Caregivers are provided with regular reports on progress. Children are taught the skills that serve as a foundation for future learning and ultimately prepare them to enter kindergarten.

The Skill Builders Preschool program is led by a highly trained teacher with a background in behavior analysis (BCBA), and is supported by a speech therapist, occupational therapist, and behavior technicians. The class runs Monday through Thursday, 9AM-12PM at MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic – Bellevue.
For some students, part of the cost of tuition may be covered by insurance benefits.

For more information, email

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