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Sensory Integration Therapy

by on January 19, 2017

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy is a treatment approach in a sensory-rich environment which provides just the right challenge to foster active, meaningful and functional activities in a dynamic and family centered environment. MOSAIC therapists engage both parents and their child in sessions to learn, adapt, grow, and achieve success in therapy that can be translated into the home and community setting.

Our occupational therapists utilize many Tools for Self Regulation. In this photo, we show a body working through a bottom up approach to bring this little girl’s body and mind into an alert and focused zone.

All day, every day our bodies fluctuate between low energy, just right energy, and high energy.  The optimal state of performance typically occurs in the just right state.  A bottom up approach is anytime we use our bodies to regulate our mind, as opposed to thinking of a solution on how to calm down or wake up.

The Lycra swing provides increased tactile feedback into the body’s joints and skin as the child moves around. The body also receives feedback from the stretchy fabric engulfing it. Feedback into the joints is sometimes a reason why adults will go to the gym to “blow off steam,” it helps regulate them to a just right state and is a bottom up approach.

The large therapy ball is an added feedback for timing, rhythm, and more input into the body. Most kids love having their bodies bounce into the ball to come flying back out, without knowing that their neurological system is processing so much: anticipation of hitting the ball, feeling a time frame of when to expect the hit, and deep input into joints that provide an awareness of body in space.

All this input, depending on how long you do it, how fast the swing swings, and how hard the kids bounce off the ball, can bring a child to their just right zone where they will be ready to sit and complete work or know where their arms are in relation to their body in order to get dressed.

-Tania Gorsky, MS, OTR/L

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic, Bellevue, WA


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