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The Benefits of Cursive Writing

by on May 30, 2017

Why Teach Cursive?

By: Hannah DaRosa, MOT, OTR/L

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Seattle

If your child is having trouble with messy handwriting, learning cursive can help! Cursive can be a great solution for children in the 2nd grade or higher because:




  • It is easier to remember how to form letters as all letters start on the line
  • It is easier to space letters as each letter leads directly into the next
  • There are no mirror image letters (d and b, p and q)
  • It can be hard to relearn how to print letters correctly and is often easier to have a fresh start
  • There are fewer difficult diagonal lines
  • It is easier for children who have visual-spatial difficulties

In the samples below, you can see that this child is better able to form letters, space words, and write on the line when using cursive.

cursive blog image of print

cursive blog image

Our therapists use the “Loops and Other Groups” curriculum to teach cursive. This curriculum focuses on building “motor memory” for each letter with fun visuals such as the “clock” to show you how to move your hand.

cursive image with clock

Eventually children can write letters without even thinking about what their hand is doing. This allows them to focus on their thoughts and ideas when writing, not on how their writing looks.

In the picture below, a child first wrote the alphabet with their eyes open. The second time the child wrote the alphabet with their eyes closed! This child has developed excellent motor memory for how to create each letter.

cursive alphabet

Summer is a great time to learn cursive as there are fewer demands on kids and their families. Consider scheduling an evaluation at MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Seattle, where therapists will evaluate the following:

  • Your child’s hand development
  • Your child’s core, arm, and hand strength
  • Your child’s grasp
  • Your child’s handwriting

If your child qualifies for therapy, your family can begin working with our trained therapists to build foundational skills and learn cursive in a fun, engaging, and motivating environment.

Call our Seattle clinic at 206-388-3751 or visit our website



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