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We’re going on a bear hunt! Are you afraid?

by on June 21, 2017

By Hannah Da Rosa, MOT, OTR/L

MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Seattle

This month, kids at MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinic in Seattle have been enjoying the thrills of a bear hunt! Therapists are using this activity to help promote skill development in many areas including:

  • Strength and balance as kids climb the “tree,” cross the river in a “boat,” and walk over the “bridge”
  • Social skills as kids participate in the activity with peers
  • Fine motor skills as children create “Bear Hunt” art projects

“Coming to a bridge. Can’t go under it. Have to walk over it”

Bear Hunt climb to the top

“Climb to the top. Do you see a bear?”

Bear Hunt in the boat

“Coming to a river. Can’t go under it. Can’t fly over it. Let’s get in the boat”

Bear Hunt art projects

“Bear Hunt” Art projects

Bear Hunt Activities for Home

You can easily set up a bear hunt at home or at the park! Help your child decide what to use for each part of the bear hunt. You can sing the song together or find it on YouTube ( Some ideas for home setup include:

  • Tape a line on the floor for the “bridge”
  • Sit crisscross on a couch cushion/pillow for the boat
  • Crawl over pillows for the “wheat field”
  • Climb up a play structure for the “tree” or climb onto the couch

If animal walks such as “bear walks” have been recommended to help your child build strength, you could spend extra time pretending that your child is a bear and needs to collect food. They can “bear crawl” back and forth between the “food” and their cave. They will be so busy thinking about how hungry the bear is they won’t notice just how hard their muscles are working!

You can further the “bear hunt” experience by reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. This will encourage flexible thinking, as it is a slightly different version that includes squelching through mud and stumbling through a forest! Several activity sheets including coloring and making your own bear ears are available at: Are Going On a Bear Hunt book




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